Thursday, May 17, 2007


All day Tuesday & yesterday I was absolutely miserable with have fever. I got so violently sick with a headache that yesterday I literally couldn't eat except a peanut butter sandwich & cheese & crackers at the end of the night. KrissyKrissyKrissy claims that when friends of hers moved to Pa. they were forced to take the written test over again to renew their driver's licenses but I didn't have to be bothered. I should most certainly hope that by now she's at least gotten a chance to read my blog. Election Day was Tuesday & I'm very sorry to say I didn't bother. I completely forgot to keep up with who was running against whom. Surprisingly, it wasn't the least bit hard to park here that day. On Tuesday I took a walk. I've been keeping up quite well with the habit. A lot of people around here like to walk along the levee that goes on for about two & a half miles but I'm quite happy with the local streets. On Saturday morning Stacy will be having her wedding shower & I shall be at the Carmelite meeting. Everybody can look forward to a very busy day. Once again the library is absolutely overrun with little children today. They most certainly seem to be able to keep all the young.uns quite happy.

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