Saturday, May 19, 2007


This morning I was out by slightly after 8:00a.m. for the big monthly Carmelite meeting over in Wilkes Barre. During the meeting, I drank a cup of tea & ate a pastry. We meet at 200 S. Meade St. at 8:30a.m. every third Saturday morning of the month. Anyone who's interested in joining the lay Carmelites in Northeastern Pa. may give us a visit. The weather's very nice today, which is quite a treat because all the ladies made plans to go to Elaine's house for the big party. There was a bunch of traffic on my way home from the meeting so I should most certainly hope, for their sake, they managed to get a much better break than I, because Elaine lives around two hours away. My hay fever's still been bugging the hell out of me. Maybe it's because of my new neck of the woods but this year it seems to be particularly bad for me. On my way home there was a walk for asthma going on. That's always very nice to see.