Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I just found out on tailrank's site about W's having officially declared yesterday as Loyalty Day. He flatly refuses to bring our troops home, but he touts his loyalty every chance he gets. Anti_war t_shirts are now illegal in Oklahoma & Louisiana & may even be banned nationwide. I'm no liberal, most certainly, but they're right about how pathologically evil W. is. Today's weather is a smidge cooler than I like it. Hi, Rose. KrissyKrissyKrissy, who's in N.Y. by now, I reckon, told me you read my blog, so thanks a bunch. Yesterday's headache, annoying though it was, is finally & at last gone. Fran & Uncle Frankie both showed up last night. KrissyKrissyKrissy got me to watch "The Guardian" with Sela Ward, Ashton Kutcher & Kevin Costner. Hey, doesn't everybody like a good Coast Guard movie. I watched a little over an hour of it & shall see the rest tonight.

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