Tuesday, May 01, 2007


There's some Rev. Ewing in Oklahoma who's been sending out letters to people on his mailing list. I got one a while ago, and I even recently got a book from him too. It all seems too nice to be even the least bit dishonest. On an entirely superficial level, the folks over at St. Matthew's church in Oklahoma appear to be just a bunch of Bible_thumping, God_fearing, Praise_the_Lording, sola scriptura Holy_Rolling Protestants from the Bible Belt. I found out at the Ripoffreport & modemac's websites that they've been taking advantage of gullible simple minded people by promising them that if they give them a tithe, all their problems will be solved & God will reward them abundantly. They include in their mailings all sorts of entirely false stories of people who gave them $ & were miraculously given all sorts of miracle cures, financial windfalls etc. from then on.

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Dagoonite said...

They're at it again. More I can't say, or else I might suffer legal proceedings from my workplace. I'd go into more detail if this were anon, but... Yeah, I understand. I just had to tell somebody somewhere.