Wednesday, June 27, 2007


There's a very big crowd at the library today even though I just got here a while ago. It's insanely hot in my car these days because I don't have air conditioning to protect me from this kind of weather. The bridge is closed again_or is it still?_today. These road blocks give me just the incentive I need to find new & improved ways of getting around here. It's very quiet lately without KrissyKrissyKrissy constantly at least somewhere in sight. She's hanging around with family. I'm waiting for all the festivities to begin in only but a mere two days over in Hilldale. Once again, I repeat: It's fattening, there's sunburn, personality clashes & over crowding galore. Why, then, do we even bother? Until then I shall be biding my time. The Ronald sent us pictures a couple of days ago. Pretty soon, we shall be seeing each other in person anyway. That Thackeray book is long but I can usually get around to about fifty pages each day so it goes pretty fast. I found out yesterday that Amnesty International, the famous NGO, is in favor of abortion so I have no intention of giving them any donations or support in any way. This is also true of the United Way & the U.N.

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