Monday, June 25, 2007


Yesterday, after Mass, I listened to the weekly Beatles' radio special on the way home. It's more than kind of an odd quirk in my life that my very favorite famous people are the ones who started out their ultimate paean to love with the anthem of the French Revolution. Fran came over for supper last night. Uncle Frankie is still partying at Cape May. The Fourth of July, believe it or not, is right around the corner. On Friday the Hilldale festivities begin. This morning at O.L.Sorrows, Rocco gave me a booklet for the lectors. I haven't bothered to check it out just yet but it should be at least pretty good. Those things are usually a lot of help. Yesterday I drove over to the levee, with my Saturn, not a Chevy, & walked two & a half miles. I followed the blue markers so I could keep track well. My right foot still has that annoying problem. I'm getting very good at walking. I like the peace & quiet over there.

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