Saturday, June 30, 2007


Last night, in Hilldale, we watched the Sacco & Vanzetti movie. My sister, Mary Anne, who's an expert on their case, appeared in it. The day went quite well. We spent all day & night pigging out. I was especially happy to see the Buffalo gang. Scott's quite the dead ringer for his Uncle Vinnie. A few people went to the casinos & won a little money. The power ball jackpot went to a couple from Oklahoma. Whoa, Don & Joyce!!! I wore shorts yesterday, having looked forward to a much nicer day. The weather was very nice but it was entirely too cold for shorts. Today I made quite sure a packed a pair of long pants. Of course, the conversation with Matt, Sean & all the other a.movers & a.shakers turned to current events, the election & all sorts of other veritable plethorae thereof of social upheavally thingies. I honestly couldn't possibly even so much as presume to try to tell you exactly what's the difference between Rochester N.Y.'s & Seattle, Wa.'s cultural climates. I couldn't believe my eyes today! I finally got one of my wheresgeorge bills to go west of the Mississippi. A guy named Ken, in Montana, got one I Georged in Lindenhurst. Now I'm finally & at last a real Georger.

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