Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last night my mother found a bullfrog on the living room floor. Hey, welcome to Pa. A few years ago, bears in the backyard were all the rage around here. This morning was insanely foggy. Yesterday & last night the weather was in the nineties & today promises even more scorching heat. So far, I like Sam Brownback & Mike Huckabee for the election next year. They're both for all the right stuff culturally(about marriage, right to life, etc.). The catch is when in Sam Hill is somebody going to end the war in Ira? Liberals have a most poisonous agenda in store for us with the culture war. At least Cheney's not running. We can't afford to mess up this one. The library is getting crowded. So far I've only gotten one response from the people I've asked about SJB's reunion. The others must be really busy or haven't noticed my message so far.

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