Monday, August 20, 2007


On Saturday night, I lectored at O.L. Sorrows. Laura somebody, who was supposed to be my sidekick, never showed up. I got stuck alone. It was more than a smidge confusing to me because, unlike my days at O.L.P.H. I'm still entirely brand spanking new to this bunch. I seemed to have gotten away with it though. After Mass, my father & I went to the legendary Pittston Tomato Festival, where we met Michelle's parents. It was a fun time for one & all. I highly recommend it. Yesterday was the big annual Carmelite day of recollection at St. Matthew's. All went well. I went with Mary Anne & Rosemary. Rita & another lady went in another car. While there, I met a woman who grew up on Long Island. Another woman even said she travels 112 miles each way for her meetings. I'd go nuts even thinking of that. There are lots of flea markets in Pa. & the parishes in that area are most certainly no exception. St. Matthew's is in the area where they have fake animals mixed in with their real ones. It's all rural & mountainous. I've always really liked that kind of environment. It was very cool & rained for a while yesterday. The weather is about the same today. I'd really rather have the sweltering heat back.

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