Thursday, August 23, 2007


Nothing much of any note has been happening lately but the weather's most certainly been settling down. Today my parents got a new dresser & I helped them move it around. That's such an interesting thing to do (not!). I've been listening quite conscientiously to that Catholic station. It has all sorts of groovy things on it. There was something on yesterday about abortion, homosexuality & the radical left wing pro_abortion/homosexuality movement that's been pervading our culture for the past few decades. It always helps to keep abreast of developments in that area. I still quite desperately wish I could track down all those books I've lost track of. I just know they most certainly have to be somewhere. Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to walking around the levee lately. Oddly, though, I always seem to get skinnier by the second. I'm continuously getting comments about my insane weight loss. Today's my nephew's/ godson's birthday. His name's Michael & he goes to Hofstra. The sixteenth was also my goddaughter Kristy Nicole's birthday. Happy happy joy joy to both of them. They've both turned nineteen which is really weird because I can still remember when I was nineteen.

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