Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Yesterday's weather was quite an absolute & total nightmare. Today, though, at least it's not raining though it is unusually cold for August. That tornado that's been making the news these days has been getting the weather all out of control in other places too. I finally started listening to the Catholic radio station in this area yesterday. It's 1550 am & is known as the Station of the Cross. I even got through, on the phone, to a talk show of theirs last night. I've been re_reading that Shakespeare play too. It's a little tougher than most of the stuff I'm used to. All the obsolete language & footnotes get me stark raging nuts after a while. So far, the library is absolutely dead compared to most days. On the average summer day, I get kicked out by about the the time I've been here for around an hour_ish. Soon I suppose I shall have to get another haircut. I never used to go to the same place twice in N.Y. but over here I've so far never once set foot into anyplace except the Eighth Street barber shop. I just got an e mail from Robin, the latest birthday girl. She says she & her niece will soon be visiting Mary Anne & family. A while ago I got an e mail from John, one of my N.Y. Carmelite connections, about a site that enables one to identify exactly which accent he has. It claims I have a Washington State accent. Duh! I've never even been there. Of course, on the bright side, I always have been quite full of surprises.

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