Thursday, August 02, 2007


Today cousins Fran & Elaine, both from Pa., celebrate birthdays. Fran's fifty. Elaine's too old even to try to figure it out. I've just sent Elaine her official Beatle posty. It appears that she's already gotten it. Yesterday I got an invitation in the mail from Fr. Kakareka to go back to St. Martha's for yet another day of recollection in Stillwater. I already went to one last year. When I spoke to Ann on the phone, though, she explained that it's more for the Elysburg Carmelites & our fraternity wasn't planning on showing up this year. It's sort of far away for me. I got a ride last year with Mary Anne & Dana. I just overheard the library lady telling a patron that today's supposed to be even hotter than yesterday which was way up there anyway.

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