Friday, August 03, 2007


I got a surprising call last night from Cousin Gino. Friends of his got him a bunch of tickets to a Meat loaf concert in Montage. Meat Loaf was a big name when I was only but a mere young hepcat. He was in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Somehow Gino messed up & got the idea it started at 7:00 but the official starting time was 8:00. Of course, it didn't REALLY start until around 8:30. Although I've never really very much even noticed Meat Loaf, I went to the concert with him. It was a really nice time. We even got insanely good seats. He told us about his very brief marriage to Nadia Comaneci. She demanded a divorce after a very short time because she was sick & tired of people constantly saying: "Nadia Comaneci Meat Loaf". Of course, after a while he got around to the inevitable "Paradise By the Dashboard Light". The girl who sang it with him was a real looker in a Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleader outfit. That's odd because it's such a baseball song. Unfortunately, today is the forty third anniversary of the death of an all_time favorite of mine, Flannery O'Connor.

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