Saturday, August 04, 2007


Uncle Frankie, both my parents & I went out with cousin Fran last evening for her birthday. We all went to Kildare's Irish Restaurant in Montage at the shopping center. Fran hepped me to their quite groovy Harp brewsky. A splendid time was had by one & all. It's a very nice place & believe it or not, The Irish Pub & Katie Daley's on Long Island could take a few tips from this bunch. The variety of food, hooch, etc. seems to be much better at this one. The AAA Yankees were playing at their nearby stadium so we were, alas, forced to contend with more than a smidge of traffic. When we first showed up, it looked as if it were going to start absolutely pouring. The sky was full of dark clouds. Nothing ever came of it though. They have such an especially groovy mall over there but I've still never seen it from the inside. It's right by the same place Gino & I went to see Meat Loaf. I've finally & at last finished the Dostoyevsky book & moved on to Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood again. It's much shorter & infinitely easier on the eyes & attention span. I've been reading another book too. This one's about St. Bernard of Clairvaux. It's awfully stuffy & deep but quite seriously interesting. Hey, somebody most has to be preoccupied with that kind of thing. We most certainly can't all be expected to like sports.

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