Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Jennifer, one of the New Yorkers of our crowd, poor kid, sent out some pictures of Stacy's recent wedding. We all had a smashing time. Well, folks, it's the very first day of a brand spankin' new month. Tomorrow is Cousin Frannie's fiftieth birthday, by golly. Where, oh where has all the time gone? It really very much seems as if only a very short time ago, we were all young_uns. Yesterday I got an invitiation from St. John's High School in West Islip to fill out another questionnaire for their very latest updated alumni directory. I was in the class of 1977. I just found out that there's a comic strip character, created by Shannon Wheeler, named Too Much Coffee Man. Ever since I was only a really young_un in my late teens, my vile, evil, nefarious & even bad coffee addiction has been making my life a living nuthouse. It does extremely bad things to me but I stick with it through thick & thin. It used to give me all sorts of weird problems & still, to this very day, gets me awfully knocked out of whackish. I refuse to give up anyway. I am too much coffee man.

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