Friday, September 21, 2007


My parents have started the new season off in their typically skewed manner by devoting an inordinate amount of time & effort to putting plants & a scarecrow in the front yard. Every morning is horribly foggy & damp around here lately but the day always seems to get nicer later on. Last night I watched Blackmail, Hitchcock's very first talkie. Each night, until further notice, I shall try to watch one movie of his. It will give me one more thing to add to the list of stuff I'm annoyingly knowledgeable about. Yesterday I watched a few minutes of that "Ugly Betty" show. I've never been all that crazy about current pop culture so I really only know about it by way of its reputation. Today's Friday so don't let's forget to do the very first Friday dance of autumn. La di da de la di dah tis autumn. Of course, tonight, as far as I know, my father & Uncle Frankie will be going to that weekly football game of theirs. I don't like sports so they can count me out.

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