Tuesday, September 18, 2007


After a very bitter cold, foggy morning it's turning out to be a swell day so far. Miz Kitti & I are quite through with drowning our sorrows about our birthdays. We're exactly a year & a day apart. The library was a bit busier than average yesterday because it was some big Jewish holiday so the schools were closed. A couple of years ago, the big day was even on my birthday. That was quite a groovy feeling. Gas prices are going up barrel_wise, but I haven't really noticed all that atrocious a jump_lately, that is_at the pumps. Oddly, they seem to bounce up & down. Today I was at Mass at St. Joseph's so I got the paper from the machine on the street instead of bothering to go to the Unimart. Believe it or not, around here, that's about one of the most exciting things that can happen to a guy. Lately, I've been most certainly getting quite seriously interested in finding out all kinds of especially groovy things that can be done on the internet. Of course, Uncle Frankie, junk food guy extraordinaire, was for sure to make his inevitable appearance last night, candy kisses in tow. With him around we always get both to catch up on the gossip & gain weight. I've been trying not to eat too much lately. I recently read that men's waistlines are around three inches wider now than they were in 1985. Fat is not a nice thing.

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