Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sam, the younger of my nephews, got hit by a car yesterday. Fortunately it all ended with only minor injuries & major frazzled nerves. His voice is changing, but he's still horribly accident_prone. Being a concerned & conscientious uncle, I'm required by law to say: Whoooa, Sammy! Last night I saw an early Alfred Hitchcock movie. It wasThe Manxman, the very last of his silent films. I really didn't know that he'd ever even made any silents. It turns out that he made very many early movies besides the ones we're all really familiar with. Yesterday I went back over to the mall & this time I got the directions exactly right. The new lector schedules for O.L. Sorrows came out this morning. They were in the sacristy when I first showed up. Eddie, in Lindenhurst, please take note. The lectors, etc. over here are just as hit_&_miss as they are at O.L.P.H. Today's the Feast of San Gennaro, a realy biggie in New York. Some cousins of mine took me to Jack Dempsey's in Manhattan one night in the nineties for my birthday & that's how I remember the connection. Miz Kitti appears somehow never to have noticed my big move. She just recently sent me an e mail asking where I live. She calls me Larabie. Larabie is no longer in his old stomping grounds. I just found out that Yoko Ono is now on Myspace. Oooooh YooooKo. I wonder what Beatle John could have done with the internet era.

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