Saturday, September 22, 2007


I cut the grass this morning. I worked up quite a sweat but it was worth it. At least it's all now over with for a while. It was a very dreary morning & the sky was one gigantic grey cloud. I fully expected it to start pouring out but it never really happened. Yesterday's Hitchcock movie wasSabotage. I like to watch the relatively short ones. This one finally provoked in me those immortal words: "Oh! So THAT'S who Oscar Homolka was!!!" I'm taking advantage of my ever_growing internet skills with my Wheresgeorge account now. Nirvana, a young guy who works at the Wyoming Unimart, is my local Wheresgeorge connection & he directed me to the BankofFrank site. I now use that site to keep much better track of all my bills. The library opened an hour later today than it usually does. The lady who usually shows up on Saturdays won't be available for a few weekends. The top banana librarian has to cover for her. He takes the bus, though, & it runs late so he can't show up until ten. That's an hour later than usual. As far as I know , last night's big high school game worked out quite well. The map is of all the counties where my Wheresgeorge bills have been hit:

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