Friday, October 12, 2007


Today, so far, has been awfully cold. It's uncharacteristic of what the recent trend in weather but it's entirely legitimate for autumn. Yesterday the weather was extremely bad in New York with very violent wind & rain. On top of that, Bridget is supposed to have a role in a play at Hofstra very soon. I've been getting further & further engrossed in the never endingly odd world of Emily Dickinson. I suppose eccentricity inevitably goes hand in hand with certain kinds of intelligence & talent. Surprisingly, even though I have a book with all her poetry in it, I've never really read it to any significant degree. Happy Friday, of course, even though our official Friday lady, alas, got stuck with jury duty all this week. I'm most certainly not looking forward to mine. I've already been through that kind of grind before. Once, a few years ago, I was forced to spend a day at jury duty. After having driven me stark raging hysterical all day long, the lawyer I was supposed to answer to only ended up kicking me out anyway. There was a very bad icy blizzard that day. Tomorrow the library will be closed because of a dedication on Sunday. By the time I finally get back to my e mail account, on Monday, I shall most probably have an entire lifetime supply of spam to plow my way through.

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