Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I finished the book about Charlotte Bronte. A few days ago, I started one about St. Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi, a famous Italian Carmelite mystic from the era of the Counter_Reformation. I read it only a little at a time. I've also started a book about Emily Dickinson, the nineteenth century poet who was the subject of the nineteen seventies play "The Belle of Amherst", featuring the legendary Charles Nelson Reilly. She's a distant relative of Amy Dickinson, the syndicated advice columnist. I have a book of her poetry too. Uncle Frankie called yesterday. He's still very sick. I just found out on that Russell Johnson, the Professor on "Gilligan's Island", is from Ashley. Hey, I wonder if he knows Shirley (Mrs. Partridge)Jones. She's from Kingston. Yesterday we got thunder & lightning all day followed by a storm starting early in the evening. We needed it, not having gotten rain in quite a while around here. I found out on the Beatles' official website that George Harrison's music is being released digitally. As a lifelong fan, I absolutely have to know stuff like this.

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