Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yesterday was Columbus Day. He & Queen Isabella take a lot of garbage from the liberals but they were both very good. There's even been some talk, in certain circles, about their eventual canonization. That would be of inestimable advantage to Catholic culture in the United States. Around here, we don't seem to have any big parades like all the city slickers in New York get to see. I used to go to the big Manhattan parade once in a while as a kid. Yesterday I went to the weekly St. Therese novena in Wilkes_Barre at the Maronite church. Today, if he would have lived, would have been John Lennon's sixty_seventh birthday. It's always struck me as very weird that two of the Beatles are already dead. I still enjoy keeping up with all the latest breaking Beatlenews & Beatlegossip but it was much more interesting when I was a kid. Cathleen's on jury duty this week. My turn may come up next month. I got my notice a while ago. It will be my very first time ever around here. Unfortunately, I'll have to go to Scranton. That's more than ten miles away on Rte. 81. Uncle Frankie's been very sick lately. He's been stuck at home for a while. My father ended up having to go to the game alone on Friday night. I just recently got my notice. Attention St. John the Baptist D.H.S., class of 1977: Our big reunion is December 1. Be there or be square.

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