Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's icy cold & raining all morning so far today. The pea soup fog always gets me crazy on days like this. We were warned that the real October would start pretty soon around here. The Emily Dickinson biography is really interesting. I've been reading a lot of it each day. She was more than a slightly offbeat kind of character, to put it very mildly, shall we say? Lately I've been pigging out on entirely too much junk food. These days there are all sorts of peanuts, old birthday cake, Pop Tarts, etc. just lying around waiting to be eaten. On top of that, I even just ate pizza a couple of days ago too. I haven't really been getting all that much exercise either. Uncle Frankie's still on our official sick list. It seems awfully odd not seeing him constantly wandering in & out but he's always calling on the phone. The big football game's coming up this weekend & he may not be able to show up. Every weekend it's usually on Friday night. This time, though, it has to be Saturday because the school's lights don't work so they're forced to play during the day. I just found out that Rosie O'Donnell will be at Huntington, N.Y.'s Book Revue in a couple of weeks. She's somebody I'd never want to be bothered with seeing. I got a kick out of her for a little while when she was on Nell Carter's "Gimme A Break" a very long time ago but these days she's nothing but trouble.

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