Thursday, January 10, 2008


Yesterday I went over to Plains to give blood. I was originally scheduled to give a double red donation but the lady who was in charge insisted that my iron count was too low so I was only allowed to give a normal donation. Maybe it's because I only ate pizza, with no meat, on Tuesday. Maybe my iron shortage accounts for the fact that I'm always so much colder than everybody else. I usually associate iron problems with womenfolk. After I gave blood, I ate pepperoni pizza, cookies & cupcakes with a cup of coffee. I got a t.shirt but accidentally left it there. There were also the inevitable contest entry & coupons for a Wendy's shake & Egg McMuffin. The place were very crowded but the only familiar face was Rocco, who was one of the volunteers. The place was right by the ice cream place Vinnie, Anthony & I went to last July. Later I went to the rectory of my church & explained to Denise, the secretary, that she appeared to have left me off the lector schedule. There was no telephone number for the others to get in touch with me. All worked out quite well. I even read some more of "War & Peace" last night.

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