Saturday, January 12, 2008


Yesterday, after all the lousy weather we started out with, turned out to be quite nice for most of the day. Nothing much has been happening lately, which is always a very good deal. Mary Anne called last night. I didn't answer the phone until the fourth ring, so the answering machine went on. Bridget has been feeling quite a bit better lately. She even went to a slumber party. I read more of "War & Peace". I'm really getting down to the very end. Uncle Frankie came over last night. There are no high school football games this time of the year. On Xanga, somebody asked, as today's featured question, if it's possible to love an animal as much as a family member. Ever since I was only a kid, I've always found it rather odd that many people claim it's entirely healthy to have that much love for a mere animal. I've never even liked animals the least bit anyway but even I can understand if somebody else does. It gets me more than a smidge on the shocked side, though, when somebody goes pathologically crazy over them. The occasional grappling with all sorts of eccentricities, neuroses, etc. is one thing but that's just plain weird to treat an animal as an equal.

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