Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HAPPY 2008!

The old year is gone. The new is here. On New Year's Eve, with 4:30 reservations, My parents, Uncle Frankie & I went to Agolino's on Luzerne Avenue in West Pittston for something to eat. I got the veal. I can't remember the last time the subject of veal ever even so much as came up so it was very nice. It's very cold & snowing today but only flurries. Mary Anne gave me the idea to go to a local hospital to get an application for a volunteer job that may lead to a legitimate one so I'm going tomorrow. I have to take my application back to that book store too. On both New Year's Day & New Year's Eve I watched "The Twilight Zone" absolutely constantly on the Sci Fi channel. I made sure I called Mary Ellen on New Year's Eve early in the afternoon. My parents & I all got a chance to say hello to her. It was a very nice conversation & we caught up with each other's lives. I never get a chance to go to Buffalo lately. I finished watching "Goldfinger". That movie came out around the time the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show & Bond mentioned them in one of the scenes. My parents spoke to both Gino & Michelle on the phone yeaterday. They've both been very busy lately. This year's a leap year so there will be twenty nine days in February as well as a very controversial election in November. I've never been able to help noticing that around here they sell out of state papers, mostly from New York, but when I lived in N.Y. I could never find an out of state paper there, except for in places like Manhattan.

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