Thursday, January 03, 2008


I went over to the General Hospital in Wilkes_Barre this morning to see if I could get an application for a volunteer job. Mary Anne gave me the idea last week based entirely upon the assumption that a volunteer job, in a place like that, could get me easy access to openings for a real job, which is what I really need. It's very close to home & quite easy to find. While I was there, I put enough quarters (two)into the meter for forty minutes. The parking was nowhere near as annoying as I should have expected. The only catch was that I ended up only sticking around for fifteen minutes. I spoke to a woman whose name was something like Daria. She wrote down my name & gave me an application to fill out & mail back to them. It's a particularly cold day today, or I would have made sure I stuck around to get my money's worth. My mother went over there for a doctor's appointment today. "The Beverly Hillbillies", always a favorite of mine, are now on TVLand. They come on right after "I Love Lucy". It's weird that "Just Shoot Me" is also on that channel because it's so recent compared to them. Gas prices are getting insanely high even around here so I can only imagine what they must be, by now, over in New York. Oil is currently over $100.00 per barrel.

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