Saturday, January 05, 2008


I wonder where all my books have gone. Since moving here from New York, I have noticed that very many of my favorite books have apparently gotten lost in the disaster area that was the move. I know they're most certainly out there somewhere. They just don't seem to be available at any particular spot I've stumbled upon so far. I have all sorts of poems, plays, theology, philosophy, etc. stashed away somewhere. That's an old habit of mine that's always gotten me stark raging nuts. It's started more trouble than it's even come close to stopping. Because of it, I always have to keep re_reading the same stuff over & over again. I always seem to have quite a flair for finding things I have no need for or interest in. This happens with all sorts of other kinds of things too. In cold weather I fiind light clothes & other kinds of summer/spring stuff. As soon as the weather gets warm, though, I'm suddenly swamped, from out of nowhere, with things I need now. Tomorrow I have to lector at 10:00 a.m. Mass with Laura. I've never met her in person before, only once on the phone. I've always known that the press is the Fourth Estate. Yesterday I found out, in that Chaucer biography, exactly what the other three are: the clergy, nobility & commoners.

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