Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I woke up this morning to a very light snowfall. Yesterday went fairly well. I watched "Dr. Doolittle" & around half of "8 1/2". They're both sixties classics. Unfortunately, I ended up staying up until pert near midnight. I've never been a fan of late nights. As usual, I made sure I went to the St. Joseph's novena. Somehow I mistakenly got the impression that the priest was Father Jones. He told me he wasn't though. I still have no idea who he was. By now, I've been getting to be a real pro at making that trip. All my New Yorker connections must be aghast at their governor's latest antics. It's making all the news headlines lately. The ex_wife of New Jersey's governor was on TV this morning explaining what happened when he got into similar trouble recently. The Osmonds were on Oprah Winfrey yesterday. Lately they've been showing up constantly. It's as if they're as famous now as they were when I was in school. It's more than a little on the weird side watching a bunch of grey_haired grandparents singing those cute_as_a_bug's_ear teeny bopper songs. It just doesn't get any more bizarro than that.

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