Monday, March 10, 2008


Well it's back finally & at last. I've never been able to stand all the early sunsets of the cold weather season. Yesterday, very early in the morning, my mother & Uncle Frankie went to visit Fran for the day. They got home after I made coffee. I got some nice home made cookies after Mass at O.L. Sorrows on Saturday night. St. Joseph's sold pierogies. It was my turn to lector at 5:00 Mass on Saturday. Last night we showed up for a Holy Name Society meeting at 7:30. Jerry made a major favorite of his, weinies & sauerkraut. There was junk food too. Of course there were also Scotch, beer & soda. I always pig out at those things unfortunately. Over the weekend I watched "A Man for All Seasons" & "Dr. Zhivago". I try to keep as knowledgeable as possible about the sixties classics. Mary Anne called yesterday. She just wanted to make sure she got a chance to say hello. I'm confused entirely. Although I could have absolutely sworn the Wachovia job fair was next week I just found out that the nepa job site is really supposed to have it next month. I'll have to ask on the phone about exactly what's really going on.

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