Friday, March 14, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day, somewhat early this year. It's also the transferred Feast of St. Joseph. Today, of course, the Friday dance is an Irish jig. I shall be at the big Carmelite meeting all morning. I made quite sure I answered all the questions in that book. They always have such nice coffee, tea, juice & pastries ready for us at the meetings. Maybe tomorrow they will have green things. Last night I showed up at the novena again. Hillary Clinton showed up over in Scranton a few days ago. I absolutely dread the very idea of her in the White House. Of course, I'm most certainly not even the least bit favorably impressed by Obama or McCain either. I made sure I went over to Turkey Hill in Exeter for gas yesterday. The prices have gone up quite a whole lot. The young uns are having their Easter party in the library right now. I've been known to go to Easter parties over the years. One year I even played the Easter Bunny at my old KofC council. Lately everybody's been rambling on about N.Y.'s deposed governor Spitzer. The guy who's replaced him is black, a first for the Empire State, & blind.

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