Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This morning I mowed the lawn. It's boring but that's exactly why it's better to get it over with than to let it go. After that I went over to the McDonald's on Wyoming Avenue in Wyoming & got a free Egg McMuffin & coffee with milk & sugar. That was in order to take advantage of the coupon I got the last time I gave blood. The deadline was the end of June. I've never been crazy about McDonald's but hey a freebie's a freebie. When I went over to Wyoming's library Barbara came out for a minute & made sure she told me there was something wrong with the computers & John couldn't come in until around 11:00 as usual. As I went back to my car, I ended up having to explain things to yet another of the regulars. He & I both came over here to the Hoyt Library. Uncle Frankie showed up for a visit yesterday so we made sure we told him all about our trip to the job interview on Monday. I still haven't heard from either of those jobs so I'll just have to keep plugging. The weather was warmer yesterday afternoon than it started out. It was somewhat cool this morning too but seems to be going in the same direction. Yesterday I did some more reading. I finished that Sigrid Undset book & got back to the Chekhov play. I even read some essays from "Travels With Dr. Death" by Ron Rosenbaum, the famous N.Y. journalist from the Village Voice. It's a book filled with all sorts of essays about all sorts of twentieth century controversies involving death. It covers everybody from JFK to Hitler. Tomorrow's Ascension Thursday so either tonight or tomorrow I shall have to go to Mass.

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