Friday, May 02, 2008


I lectored for Father Walsh at 5:00 Mass yesterday. Laura couldn't make it so Mary covered for her. It's just like O.L.P.H. only with fewer lectors & only one priest. Eddie knows what I'm referring to. There weren't many people in the pews. Fran called yesterday. Uncle Frankie showed up too. It's all so typical. He said that he's heard lately that a lot of people have been having pretty good luck these days with those job fairs I've been going to lately. My mother called Dottie last night. Rose called this morning. I can't stand the phone but it most certainly gets quite a whole lot of mileage these days. All has been going well so far for KrissyKrissyKrissy & Natalie. The weather's still nice but cool today. There's nothing going on this weekend. I don't have any lectoring to do & nothing else I know of is on my schedule either. As usual I try to keep on reading as much as possible. Lately I've been reading a bunch of essays by the soon_to_be_beatified John Henry Cardinal Newman. Lately there must be some kind of a resurgence of interest in Henry VIII. I noticed that yesterday "A Man For All Seasons" was on TCM. This morning "Anne of The Thousand Days" was on Encore. Yesterday I got my newsletter from my local KofC council.

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