Thursday, May 01, 2008


Welcome to our new month of May. It's the month of Mother's Day on the eleventh. St. John the Baptist Diocesan High School, over in West Islip, N.Y. will be having the annual Family Feast from May 14 through May 18. That's my school. I've always missed being able to go to S.J.B's feast. I really used always to enjoy working at those things. I have no past around here. Mary Anne called once yesterday & again early this morning. All's been going well over there these days. The computers in this library have been fixed. Whatever was going on yesterday is over. I filled out my form for my car registration this morning. It's boring but it has to be done. Somehow I messed up & got the impression I was supposed to lector at 7:00 Mass last night. I really have 5:00 today. That's about typical for me. Gas prices are getting more obscene by the second these days. Lately they've been up to $3.59.9 around here with no known end in sight to all the garbage. Yesterday my father got one of those direction finders for his car. Everybody's been raving about them for at least around the past year. So far it seems to be working out quite well. He hasn't gotten a chance to use it to go anyplace just yet but it was very easy for me to set it up.

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