Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My interview is in Kingston at 2:00 p.m. I finished filling out my application yesterday. I already gave them a resume but I'll take another one just in case. Today is the big primary day so there are people going into the other part of the library to vote. Since it's only available for Democrats & Republicans, though, I'm not eligible. There's a woman outside telling each of us which door he has to go through. Howard, of course, as always, is right there helping. He seems to be involved with many different thins in this area. The library never opens one minute before ten lately. They always used to open at least ten minutes early up until recently. The lady who shows up every weekday morning told me lately they're not allowed to cheat anymore. The weather's been very nice lately. I found out that it's been snowing in Alberta, Canada. Sam is helping my father paint the bathroom this morning. Bridget is keeping busy too. Steve will be here to pick them up tomorrow so they can get home in time to do their homework. They'll be back in school again on Monday. They've been watching TV, playing & generally staying out of trouble. Aunt Lauren came over yesterday for a while on her way to the chiropractor. Uncle Frankie came over a little while after she left. I made sure I got lots of reading done yesterday.

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