Monday, April 21, 2008


All most certainly seemed to have gone quite well with Robin's short visit to Pa. When I got home on Saturday afternoon, my parents were on their way to Hilldale to visit her & say hello. Mary Anne, Sam & Bridget came in yesterday. They made it in under three hours. Mary Anne, I assume, must have already left by now but the kids will be sticking around for a few days. Sam wants to help his grandfather paint the bathroom among other things. Mary Anne & Bridget, when I left, were outside pulling weeds out of the yard. I get my turn to cut the grass later. Right before I left to come over here, I did some pigging out on their beef jerky. Last night, I spent a while at the Oblates Seminary in Lafflin. Fr. Don Calloway, MIC. was there. He gave quite an interesting talk about his life story. It went from 6:00 until slightly after 8:00 p.m. I got a Totus Tuus cap as a souvenir. I found out about a job opening at the local JMJ Catholic 750 AM radio station so I made sure I gave the woman my name & phone number. Father Tom, from the Maronite Catholic church in Wilkes_Barre, showed up. He's in charge of their novena to St. Therese every Monday afternoon. That book I've been reading turns out to be volume one of Sigrid Undset's "Kirstin Lavransdatter". It's a mammoth classic historical novel from the first half of the twentieth century. Unless something unexpected happens I have an interview scheduled for 2:00 tomorrow at the Institute for Human Resources & Services in Kingston. It's right by Sizzle Pie Pizzeria.

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