Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday I went to that job interview at the Human Resources place in Kingston. It most certainly seemed to have worked out quite well so far. I've never worked in that kind of environment before so it may be very interesting if they end up hiring me. I got back in touch, when I got home, with the woman from Baby Age. They want a copywriter. I have to show up at the Hanover Industrial Center on Monday for an interview with them. Everybody except Sam & me went to the store yesterday to get some stuff for the bathroom. He & I hung around & watched TV while the others were shopping. We watched a very old episode of "All That". The kids like "Scrubbed". This kid is determined to be quite the hep little homey. He spent the entire time absolutely constantly changing channels & gettin' down with his bad self. The fedora's always quite a groovy touch too. He & Bridget have both been quite helpful with all the things that have to get done in the bathroom. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. It's a good thing I didn't let Sam get away with trying to convince me to take him to a fast food place because we ended up eating pizza from Sizzle Pie when they all got home. Maybe it was because yesterday was so hot & I was forced to spend much of the day in a suit, but I was absolutely exhausted by the end of my day & woke up in the middle of the night with a mild headache. Howard asked, this morning, why I didn't bother to vote in yesterday's primaries. It's because I'm not a Democrat or Republican. Steve's showing up today.

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