Thursday, April 24, 2008


Steve showed up last night. A friend from New Jersey was with him. This morning he & the kids left at around 10:30 to go home Mary Anne called first to check up on them. We fiddled around with my not-yet-working computer for a little while before they left. Of course my mind went completely blank at first about my password. I have so many different passwords I temporarily forgot which one was for that site. Steve made eggs for breakfast with a second pot of coffee. I didn't eat but I made sure I got coffee. He & I talked about my job search. Sam, supposedly the incurably quiet guy, most certainly seems to have outgrown that image lately. Bridget, of course, has always been our little resident chatterbox. Steve remembered to bring in my manila envelope full of scrap paper but unfortunately overlooked completely my green suit jacket. I left them both in New York a while ago. Yesterday Linnae called. She wants me to trade lector assignments with her over the weekend. Yesterday Heather from Baby Age sent me an e mail with an application & directions for the job interview on Monday. Somebody called from a health care place yesterday. They work with Medicare. She asked if I'd be interested in a job. This morning a guy drove down the street in a truck. He appeared to have been trying to deliver something to somebody on Susquehanna Avenue. He asked us how to get there. He ended up having to go a little out of his way because of road work at the closest intersection.

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