Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday was O.L.Sorrows' blood drive. Unfortunately I wasn't eligible to give blood, already having given entirely too recently. I used to help at my old KofC council's drives anyway so I went over to help for a while. To everyone's chagrin there wasn't much of anything to bother to help with. Because of its having been scheduled at the same time as the local high school's drive, we lost a lot of people to them. Normally, their teachers come to our drive but this time they went to theirs. There were only around eleven donors. A few were deferred & a few more couldn't finish their donations. There was a lot of food left over. Each of us ended up having to take stuff home. I got a few sandwiches, pickles, cakes & coffee. Believe it or not, today really is National Dance Like A Chicken Day. The weather's been very nice lately but it should get worse over the weekend. Last night, right after the blood drive, I made the mistake of eating a Whopper & French fries with a Dr. Pepper. I've always really liked those kinds of things but they're absolute poison. I most certainly don't have to lose weight but it's still a very bad idea to eat like that. My hay fever has been getting somewhat annoying lately. It doesn't usually get entirely out of control until September when the school year begins but I've been sneezing lately & my throat is extremely dry & scratchy.

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