Friday, May 16, 2008


At least ever since I got up this morning, it's been absolutely pouring out. The weather's annoyingly cold too. Yesterday when I got home I ended up having to take two headache pills. The headache was gone within a half hour. After a while I went outside & picked up a bunch of leaves & branches from the front yard. Hey it's boring but it beats the hell out of shoveling snow & ice. The mailman came obscenely late yesterday. He never showed up until around 4:00. That's really late for my neighborhood. The usual guy was on vacation or something so somebody else took his route. I got some mail from the Carmelites in Middletown, N.Y. Fr. Mike Kissane, O.Carm. is now their provincial. in the mid_1990's he was their vocation director. That's how he & I first met. He sent a letter out explaining exactly what changes have been recently implemented in Carmel. Rose Mary Lancelotti is replacing Fr. Francis Amodio, O. Carm., who has to go to Trinidad. Cathleen's vacation starts today. I shall have to remember not to bother to send her any e mails. Mary Anne called yesterday on Bridget's cell phone. I recognized it, right away as Bridget's because her name was on the caller ID. Same got braces. Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday.

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