Monday, May 12, 2008


Mother's Day most certainly went quite well. My parents, Uncle Frankie, Fran, Lisa & I went to the diner in Port Blanchard for breakfast. I got egg whites & toast. I ended up having to finish Uncle Frankie's pancakes too. For some reason their pancakes come in much larger servings than the average restaurant. Fran wanted Terri & Mike's E mail address. The girl who was our waitress was entirely new to day shift but did quite well anyway. All were happy. Fran's broken gam is getting much better gradually but it's still been giving her quite a whole lot of trouble. It's very annoying & inconvenient. Later on in the day my parents & Uncle Frankie went to the local graveyards for a visit. That seems to be quite a long_standing tradition around here. On the way home they made sure they stopped for ice cream. I lectored for Linnae on Saturday. Mary covered for Rocco too. I have no idea who ended up doing what yesterday. Today's my cousin Vinnie's birthday. Happy day to him & his. Mary Anne called yesterday. All is going well with them. Bridget even went to Shea Stadium to see the Mets. I just noticed today, at O.L. Sorrows in West Wyoming that there will be a blood drive over there tomorrow. I shall have to go over for at least a little while to see how things work out for them. Unfortunately I can't give any because my last donation was entirely too recent. Today's been substantially cooler & windier than I like. I've been noticing that it's been a windier than average day around other parts of the country too. At least there's no rain over here. I've really been plowing through that book by Cardinal Newman lately. Over the weekend I read quite a bit of it.

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