Monday, May 19, 2008


Saturday was nice but it started pouring after a while. My father & Uncle Frankie went to the big game though. Yesterday was pouring until early in the afternoon. The weather got nice at around 2:30. It just started raining again now. Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday. So did Billy from Hilldale for a while. My mother & Aunt Lauren went food shopping. It was recently Aunt Lauren's birthday. I wasn't officially on the schedule to lector on Saturday but I ended up doing it anyway because the people who were supposed to never showed up. It was the fiftieth anniversary for one of the couples who are regulars in the parish. I didn't know who they were at first because I only kind of know the wife but had no idea what her last name was. Everybody's been talking about the big upcoming election in November. Gas prices around here are now over $4.00 per gallon. We need change. That's why people will get suckered into voting for somebody as off.the.wall as Obama. Desperation makes even the very worst of possible change seem like something that should be welcomed. On Saturday I broke one of my very favorite rules again & ate a couple of McDonald's hamburgers & French fries. Those things are absolute poison. Yesterday when I was on my way over to Pittston, there must have been an accident on Main Street by St. Joseph's Church in Port Griffith. The police were there & traffic was stopped. I was forced to take a detour & had no idea of where I was going to end up . All worked out quite well though. I made it through many long & winding roads without much trouble.

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