Thursday, May 22, 2008


The weather was bitter, dreary & raining this morning. It's been getting awfully confusing lately. Part of the day is lousy & part is nice. Once again I went to St. Anthony's 7:00 Mass this morning. The usual faces were there. Fr. Walsh will be out of sight at least until the weekend. After Mass I went to Turkey Hill in Exeter for gas & the paper. Gas prices literally go up each day. My morning routine these days is not necessarily all that interesting but at least it's quite easy to memorize. Happy birthday to Steve, who's three years younger than I. Roads around hear are an absolute nightmare. The potholes & other signs of wear & tear on the side streets. Every day I have to be more & more careful to avoid going the least bit too fast lest I incure any unnecessary risk of damage to my car. This morning my father went to the V.A. hospital for a check up. My mother wants to make sure she gets yet another haircut pretty soon too. I read more of Cardinal Newman's book yesterday & I also watched "I Love Lucy" & "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire". As always I couldn't answer any of the current pop culture questions on the game show.

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