Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday Uncle Frankie called & came over for a while. Not so much of anything has happened lately. I suppose Fran must be doing fairly well lately. I didn't notice any major comment about her circumstances. There was something in Sunday's paper about how St. Joseph's Church, in Port Griffith is now a part of the past. Their last Mass was that day. They've closed down completely. I got a letter from the blood drive people yesterday. Their having yet another blood drive on May 28. It's going to be at the Plains Ambulance Depot over on Maffett Street. That's exactly the very same place as the last one a few months ago. The weather stunk that day but all worked out well. I'll most probably end up cutting some grass later on today. That's not exactly a barrel of laughs but it's most certainly not exactly fun city around here in general anyway. Lately I've really been plowing through that book by Cardinal Newman. Yesterday I watched "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" & "I Love Lucy" again. Alas, there's still virtually nothing else on these days. Father Walsh, for whatever reason, is not available for the rest of the week, other than Monday, for Mass. Because of that I end up going to Mass at St. Anthony's in Exeter at 7:00 every morning. That's one advantage to being a total insomniac. Getting up early for me is quite an easy deal.

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