Friday, May 23, 2008


The Memorial Day weekend beckons. My father & Gino went over to the Italian graveyard this morning to visit the kinfolk at around 9:30. There will be all sorts of parades & festivities this weekend because of the emphasis people put on paying homage to deceased veterans. Around here they like to take advantage by honoring the deceased in general. Last night my parents went out because my mother needed a haircut. Of course, typically for them, that turned into a shopping trip that lasted until at least around 9:30. They left at 6:00. I heard from the blood drive people. Sandy called me on the phone to make sure I'd be willing to show up on Wednesday to give blood again, preferably a double red cell donation. I hope my iron count will be good enough for them this time around. It wasn't quite right last time. They already sent me a card in the mail last week but apparently they must not have trusted me so they called just in case. Michelle's husband Doug recently won an award that's given to policemen.

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