Thursday, May 29, 2008


Oddly, I woke up in the middle of the night with an extremely violent headache. The same thing happened the night before. I took non_asprins each time & eventually they went away. Yesterday in the mail I got my latest Carmelite Digest & St. John's alumni bulletin. Wally Lace, my twelfth grade sociology teacher, is still in charge. It's nice to see that Brian Clancy, my eleventh grade history teacher, is still around too. I like keeping up with all my past stomping grounds. This morning I went to Rose Chairge's for my first haircut since February. It only took a little while & worked out quite well. I've always been quite lazy about haircuts. It's a traditional trademark of mine. I really don't happen to think I look even the least bit nice with long hair even though I've always really liked letting it grow. The library's very crowded today. I find it hard to believe that June is coming up so soon. Summer is my very favorite season. Most people go crazy if it's too hot but I've always been quite fond of the whole thing. Later today I have to cut grass & wash clothes...for joy, for joy. Things like that are dull but unavoidably necessary. I got kicked out of Wyoming's library. Now I'm in West Pittston's. While home I got the grass out of the way. It was really exhausting because of yesterday's blood donation. When I first got there all the blood people were stranded outside because nobody'd bothered to open the door for them. I was their first appointment of the day. The phlebotomist I got was named Marlene. She explained everything that was involved in her job just in case I wanted to apply for something like that. My double red cell donation was unusually slow & tedious. My arm went nuts & was really sore for a long time. Chet, from the Latin Mass in Pittston, was one of the volunteers. My parents said today that they want to go to the mall as soon as the mailman shows up. It's a very hot day so the air conditioning will be really good for them.

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