Monday, July 14, 2008


O.L. Mt. Carmel's annual family feast was this weekend. I didn't remember until Saturday morning. It was pouring out last night so I never botherd to go but I showed up for a while on Saturday night. It was really nice. Besides entering a few contests, I also ate French fries & drank a cup of Pepsi. My father asked me to get him some funnel cake so I got him the next best available thing, a pizza frita. When I went over to the statue of O.L. Mt. Carmel, I ran into a young woman who's one of the regulars in the parish. Her name's Jean & she said she'd be interested in showing up at our lay Carmelite meeting next Saturday morning. We need new people. On Saturday I got a call from Laura. She said she wouldn't be available at 5:00 so I'd have to do the lectoring alone. There was another visitin priest like last weekend. This one was a really familiar face but I can't remember his name. Last weekend we got Fr. Jim Price from the Passionists in Scranton. I first met him when he was their vocation director. Danny came over with the big picture from the Fourth of July yesterday. I wasn't even in it because they kept postponing it. They only decided they were good & ready to take it when I wasn't available. Without me, what in Sam Hill good is it? Of course, as always, I made sure I put in a lot of time reading & playing my guitar over the weekend. Uncle Frankie didn't show up yesterday. That happens every once in a while.

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