Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Lately nothing much has been happening to me, which is good news. Yesterday I arranged very many books of mine into a reasonably decentish kind of order on some shelves. I have more books than I can be expected to handle easily so it pays to keep after them & avoid too much of a mess. I read more of that book about Marxism yesterday too. It gets more interesting for me as I keep going through it. For certain extremely obvious reasons, I've never been able to see what could possibly possess people to be so smitten with this kind of worldview but it most certainly has quite a fan club. I read some more from those Carmelite books too. Yesterday I also did quite a bit more practicing on my guitar. My lazy musical period seems to have ended a little while ago. I've gotten into the habit of going back & forth between scales & Beatle songs. It gets a bit stale after a while but it gets the job done. Once again yesterday there was still no sign of Uncle Frankie. Maybe he's been entirely too busy for us lately. Although it's hay fever season, so far my allergy troubles seem to be restricted to the occasional sneezing & runny nose & eyes. For that I am quite happy.

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