Thursday, October 23, 2008


The weather is colder than I like it these days. Every morning, including this morning, I have to scrape a lot of ice off all my windows. At least it wasn't raining this morning. As far as I know, Uncle Frankie didn't show up yesterday. Sometimes he comes over when I'm not around so it's very hard to tell. We're getting very close to the end of the month. Halloween beckons. I got a call from the American Red Cross last night. They asked me to give a double red cell donation again. This time it's back over at the Hanover Industrial Complex. My appointment is on Halloween, next Friday, so I should hope it will be easy to remember. I just hope I can have a much easier time getting there this time around. November has never struck me as an interesting time. I got gas today at Turkey Hill in Exeter. Local gas stations these days, even the Citgo on Wyoming Ave. which is usually the most expensive of all, are only charging around $3.79.9 a gallon. I have no idea why but when I first put it on this morning my watch was around ten minutes fast.

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