Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night's party at St. Joseph's worked out quite well. Father Walsh showed up & gave a short speech before it began. Unlike the ones I used to go to at St. John's & O.L.P.H., I hardly knew anybody at this one. It's technically not even really my parish but we have the same pastor. They served pizza, chicken, pasta & lots of other good food with strawberry cake with white icing for dessert. They had Pepsi & coffee to drink. After it was all over, I ended up getting drafted into helping them clean up the mess. Unfortunately the majority of the conversation revolved around the big shakedown in the Scranton Diocese. As with any other combination of groups, people from O.L.Sorrows & people from St. Joseph's have a very hard time getting along, especially under stressful circumstances. Alas, today's weather so far has been a repeat performance of yesterday's. I read more of "Hamlet" this morning. All those obscure references, as always, grate on my nerves. I'm just happy to have all the footnotes available.

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